Aliet Rogaar

Besides growing vegetables, I have specialized in growing fruit, permaculture, and the creation and maintenance of food forests and edible gardens for people, insects and birds. Together we can make our environment more green, beautiful and healthy.

In June 2022 I completed my training as a bio-dynamic farmer at the Warmonderhof. During my studies I did a traineeship at Tuinderij Land en Boschzigt and Permacultuur Tuinderij de Veldhof and took lessons with permaculture teacher Taco Blom.
In 2020, together with urban farmers Nancy Wiltink and Michel Olden, we started the Moestuinschool Amsterdam This is a quintessential urban agriculture project, where people learn to grow their biological vegetables on the former building site of the Noord-Zuid subway line.

From 2011 onwards, I spent my summers in Canada at Terra Perma, an eco-village and permaculture project in the forest. I helped with the landscaping and the construction of one-of-a-kind ecological cabins. When my work as a therapist came to a halt during the Covid pandemic in 2020, I decided to change direction and dedicate myself to setting up urban agriculture projects. Together we can make our environment more green, more beautiful and healthy.

What came before

I was lucky to grow up in a garden on the edge of a forest. As children we were free as birds to roam outside endlessly. Fascinated, we watched young shoots emerge from chestnuts between fallen leaves during springtime. We picked wild mushrooms, apples and berries and harvested vegetables from the garden. Cooking with what grows in season was my passion from an early age and later became my profession.

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam, I lived in New York City for several years. While working for a Leadership Program with youngsters and children, I was upset by the unhealthy and stressful conditions under which they had to grew up. I quit my job and decided to dedicate myself to helping people live healthier lives.

Since 2002 I have had my own practice for shiatsu and craniosacral therapy. In addition, I give ergonomic consultations, and I have spent years giving chair massages, workshops and lessons at companies and training institutes.